Verified by VISA does not work in revolut android app


Trying to top up using a VISA debit card, the verified window pops up and my banks message is shown. As soon as i try touching the field to input security code the entire window turns grey.

The topup fails due to this naturally and the app messages this about 10 minutes later.

Is this a bug that is recognized and known? I have yet to see a message where the bug is confirmed?

This is on Android 7.0, revolut app 4.5.6 and my bank in this case is Swedish Forex Bank.

Btw topping up using a mastercard with mastercard securecode work fine on the same phone, i only have creditcards using this system though so i get a fee on every top up currently.


Time to bump this a bit,

I’m starting to wonder, am i alone having trouble with “verified by visa” in the revolut app on android?

Success stories please, can someone who uses this system confirm it worked for topping up revolut?


Nope, have wasted about half a day trying to do this with a UK visa debit card!


Sorry to hear but thanx for confirming the bug affects more than myself!


eventually gone through but wasted 4 - 5 hours doing it.


Oh, i gave up after 5-6 tries with a blank window. Removed the card and had to go for a mastercard instead.


Hey, I’m having the same issue also on my Swedish Forex Bank debit card, the same problem when the window pops up to enter my security code it all turns grey and I can’t do anything but close the window which cancels the top up transaction.
Tried the in-app support after an hour to get hold of a human being instead of the bot, and it was not helpful either, She said I need to verify my card and gave me the steps to do it but there is no option to verify my card, she then asked me to log out/in and try again but that didn’t solve it, then she just ended the support and I got no where. Been trying for 2 days and can’t get anywhere…
Can anyone from Revolut help here?


Thanx for confirming the bug with verified by VISA in Revolut android app, i tried a while back and now thanx to you i don’t have to try again for a while :grinning:

Please do keep this subject updated if you get success in the future with forex debit VISA and Revolut top-up on android.

Mean while you can try (other bank than forex) international payment in SEK straight to your Revolut account in SEK, if input correctly at least seb doesn’t charge any fee, thats what i use at the moment. The transfer takes up to a week so not really practical but an alternative at least.


After having asked about this bug quite a few times i have to report back;

Since yesterday and on android 7.0 with Revolut app 4.12.0 i have no trouble what so ever topping-up using VISA that uses verified by VISA!

Big shout out to Revolut’s software team via @AndreasK please , thank you for fixing this irritating bug in the android app! :1st_place_medal::man_dancing:


My Swedish Visa Debit (Nordea) still does not work. I was so happy when I saw your update from 3 days ago (30 Jan) that I was sure it was going to work but alas it still seems to not want to work with the verification process (Mobile Bank ID). I have been wanting to use Revolut for well over 6 months now but unless I can top up and order a card then there is not much use in it for me.


Hopefully the bug with bank-id will be solved aswell down the line, mean while you can use the same method i used from SEB to transfer free of charge, seems Nordea has the same price if you do it online in your net bank according to their pricelist:

  • needs to be in SEK straight to Revoluts SEK account with your reference # as referal.
  • Has to be regular “utlandsbetalning”.
  • Sender and reciever individually pays any fees on their respective side. (Sändare och mottagare betalar sina respektive eventuella kostnader).

When i did this it has taken between 4 and 5 bankdays for the funds to show up in my revolut account but the transaction has been without cost.


After nearly 6 months of frustration I actually found an instant workaround and no need for long waits for bank transfers! Normally, I use Mobil BankID för everything that requires authentication but that does not work for topping up Revolut as I have stated, but then I remembered the old fashioned Internet Bank Code Generator (bankdosa) which I never use but carry around in my rucksack all the time in case of an emergency. The Nordea one worked perfectly first time of asking and I was able to top up my account instantly, order my Revolut Card and subscribe to Premium. I have been wanting do do this for ages but couldn’t and it never struck me to try this method of verification even though both options come up when doing the top up! Now I know what to do and can finally begin to use Revolut :slight_smile: