Verified but limit still £25,000

Is it possible to verify and remove £25,000 withdrawal limit please?

You probably confuse two things? Verifying identity, and verifying source of funds to raise the annual top up limit. You can find more about how to raise your top up limit in the FAQs or search this forum :wink:

Hi Frank, well it says withdraw limit. How to adjust that? It has a nice graphic pie chart showing how far to £25,000 already used up per year

Does anyone senior at Revolut know?

When you get close to this limit, you will have the option to justify the source of funds.
That means you need to send payslips or any other proof to show that the money you used to top-up your account is legit.

They will then increase that limit according to these documents: if you show you have a 40k salary, they will increase your limit to that number.

Hello Quentinb Thank you. How can I send payslips please?


Go to: More > Profile > Verifications & Limits.

You should have a pink button at the bottom “Verify source of funds”.
If you don’t have it, maybe you’re not close to the limit yet. If you still want to increase the limit talk to a live agent in the support chat.

Thank you for your reply.