Verifications and Limits (Verify source of funds) £4,000 limit, documents required?

I am trying to increase my limits and have been told to upload some documents. The required documents are :
’- P60 or payslip for last 3 months

  • Bank Statement showing these funds coming into your account
  • Bank Statement showing funds leaving your account to Revolut (top up)’

2 questions:
i) For the document ‘Bank Statement showing funds leaving your account to Revolut (top up)’, if i historically topped up with a credit card, instead of the bank account that receives my salary (bank account related to first two documents), will providing the credit card statement be fine as a proxy for the Bank Statement?

ii) How much high than the current £4,000 limit can i go?

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Hey there… :slight_smile:
I think if you show statement of your credit card ,so they can see top up.
And statement of bank account where your salary gets paid.
I did it all with screenshots from phone.
Normally your annual limit will be equal to annual salary.
Hope it helps :wink:

I am trying to increase my limit and i sent all documents but I have NO ANSWER from assistance since last week, this is absolutely unacceptable, they can’t tell me if my documents have been upload and if I need to send other documents

I’d recommend opening a topic for yourself, but… @AndreasK, @Levyyo9 needs your help.

Hi there. As I can see your query has been already escalated. An agent will contact you via in-app chat shortly. :slight_smile: