verification to increase limits

Hi, i am trying to send some euros to my REvolut account from my coinbase ap. I have sold some bitcoins and Revolut are now asking me to provide proof of source of funds.
The y have asked for a P60 or a bank statement showing where the funds have come from. I am a company director of my own business so i am mostly paid by dividends. Also the funds did not come from a bank they came from the sale of Bitcoins i bought in 2013.
Should i just provide some copies of my personal bank statements as well as screenshots from the coinbase ap?
any advice would be gratefully received

You can read the FAQs about this, they mention several examples of documents that one could provide besides pay slips. Also, search this forum. Several users have shared what kind of documents they provided depending funds coming from bitcoin exchanges.

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Have same issue here. Need Limit increase ASAP. Got a payment/top up delayed for few days now with no clear message saying was hitting top up limit. Need the limit raised urgently. No one answering the damned support chat!