Verification still pending. Need help

Hello, my verification still pending. In the chat in the app nobody answers. When I uplouded my documents, there was written, that verification from 10 min to 1 hours. Already have passed 1 day and it is still pending! I need this account assap, I can’t wait few days!

Did you type “live agent” to skip the chatbot?

Yes, but still nobody answers

Verification of identity? Or of top up limits?

It should have given you an estimate of the waiting time. You simply need to wait until they get back to you. How much did it say it is?

Verification of identity. Two times I have got an sms, that it failed and the third time I had to attach photos. From then verification is pendind

In the app “Chat to us” I have written Live Agent, but didn’t get even an estimate of the waiting time. I don’t know what I am doing wrong…

Maybe @JessicaZ or @AndreasK can help out.

Apologies for the wait. Your account is fully active! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! And thanks for all for the help

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