Verification selfie not recognised

Ive forgotten my pin and password for my account. when taking the verification selfie it never recognises my face.

I’ve tried all the initial steps to resolve this; clearing my phone’s cache, reinstalling my device and rebooting it. I’ve retaken the selfie in different areas with better lighting and plain backgrounds.

Nothing is working

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Hello @tomhughes23 Welcome to the community. :wave:

Sorry about the issue you are facing. Have you tried the below steps?

  1. Approve access to your camera
  2. Move your face into the oval in the middle of the screen, then wait until it turns green
  3. Press the image capture button to take a photo (in some cases this will be taken automatically)
  4. Verify if the selfie requirements are met
  5. Press ‘confirm’ and continue with the transaction

Let me know if this works. :pray:

Veda | Community team