Verification Refusal

Revolut’s system didn’t accept my attempts to upload my ID, Passport and Driving Licence (Which has my address)or my selfie. I’ve sent all three to Revolut via the private chat facility but have heard nothing yet, Any idea how long to verify? It’s not a very good introduction to your service. James OM

The process is automated. If documents are refused, they are usually unreadable, too dark, blurry, with flare, cropped, not sharp, validity of a passport is not the necessary 3 months or something …

When automated verification fails and documents are sent via chat, verification is done manually. This takes longer due to huge demand. There is no specific timeframe, people reported anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

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Thanks for that Frank, I’ll wait it out a bit longer to see if sending the information via the chat feature works and I’ll report back how long it takes.

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24 hours now and no response or even acknowledgement re verification. No response from online support chat, Contacted them re the fee overcharge on my top up. Revolut were recommended to me, Regret it so far. Poor