Verification Processing - Money Blocked!


Hello, I am a Revolut Premium customer and have hit the £25’000/year limit, I have sent all the documents needed this morning and now waiting for your answer.

Is it possible that you block €20’000 and do not answer to online support chart? And there is not even a number to call (only number provided is to block card)?

Why should I wait 96 hours to get an answer? this is NOT the level of service I expect from a Unicorn company.

Please fix this asap thank you.



Hey @Andre1307 :slight_smile:

Just as a friendly suggestion, next time you’re transferring €20.000, consider raising the limits beforehand and everything will be smooth :wink:


Thank you @Juliopp, I was not aware of the £25k/year limit when I did the transfer… otherwise I would have surely raised the limit beforehand…

I hope I’ll have my money back soon I am a bit shocked!!!



Can you please help? Thanks


Opened a Twitter account and wrote to @revolut providing all my details, my partner wrote via Facebook, no answers yet… no comment


Where are you? I have €20k blocked and you have my payslips & detailed statements since yesterday morning


Ouch. I wish people knew beforehand that Revolut is not a bank and has limits all over the place.


Live agent

Thank you


I guess your problem is solved?


Not resolved at all

Live agent


Please HELP! Thank you


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.