Verification Processing - Money Blocked for almost 2 weeks


I made a top-up for 10k a couple of weeks ago hiting my top-up limit. After providing the required documentation to increase my top-up limit I’m still waiting for this to be resolved. I expect the limit to be increased or the top-up to be returned to the original bank account asap so I can make use of that money. Online chat support is super slow and hasn’t been able to help on this. Each time I ask something I need to wait for 3-4 days to get an answer.

I need to unblock this asap, could someone help with it please?


same situation… I made a top-up for 20k yesterday, arrived today hitting my limit, submitted all documents and nobody answering…

you did it two weeks ago? that’s crazy… why they don’t just send the money back if they cannot accept them? I am speechless


Hey @alejandro and @Andre1307 :slight_smile:

:r: seems to be having some problems coping with the extreme demand :wink:
Usually, reaching the team on Twitter does speed things up:


Thank you @Juliopp, your answer is much appreciated :wink:

Unfortunately I haven’t got Twitter… I don’t understand why they don’t just bounce the top-up back while processing the verification… my money is stuck and I cannot do anything for up to 96 hours waiting for their answer?

If it’s a Unicorn company they should hire more people and cope with the demand… that’s my view…


Thank for your answers. Yeah I’m speechless as well, I don’t understand how this issues doesn’t get prioritized over other issues. Basically my money is stuck and I haven’t been able to make use of it for the last 2 weeks. It’s crazy!


Hiring people implies carefully choosing them and properly training them afterwards. Failing to do so will only be worse in the long term.
And that is, unfortunately, a slow process :frowning: