Verification Process


i’m in trouble with registration
I recently joined Revolut and have since been trying to operate my account.
My account is stuck on the verification page and there is no verification sms received wait hours and multiple tries plus support also unavailable
I have been trying to get in touch with support since yesterday
Is it possible to resolve this problem any time soon?
can anybody please guide me on how I can verify my account?


@Disk4mat Our support hours over the weekend are from 12-6UKT, we are always able to provide you with the sms code if there is an issue with it arriving to your device. As far as verifying the account, that is done once you are done registering the account. You can go to Profile, then Verification and you will be guided.


i cant able to login into my account there is msg Please go back and use Sign Up to complete your registration


its been long waiing now R.I.T.A : i will now transfer you to a live agent so he/she can look into this further
EDIT: after more than half n hour somebody respond with expired code and now i re do whole registration but still no code no live agent once again might be he comes when this registration session also expired i’m waiting for response its over 10 mint


issue solved plz close this topic


Glad the :r: support could help. Please mark the threat as solved