Verification process limit

I was asked to verify my account even though I topped up just 60€. Is that normal?

It seems I was able to upload the requested documents after 4 attempts. Does anyone have any idea how long the verification process will normally require?

All accounts need to be verified. :wink:

OK…thank you very much :slight_smile:

…and what about the (estimated) required times?

Check the FAQs, there are more details about the process, an estimate how long it takes, and hints to speed it up. (Under profile --> How do I verify my identity.)

This whole verification process is a joke!!!

I was able to upload the requested documents after 3 unsuccessful attempts (my ID actually, which is the official Greek identification document) only to get a response, 7 hours later, that it is not accepted!!!

And the reason they gave me was that, according to the Revolut internal regulations, they cannot accept hand written documents.

Internal regulations, seriously? So what you are basically saying is that you have some secret internal regulations that nobody knows about that entitle you to accept Greek IDs, but NOT all of them?

What kind of discriminating policy is this?

I can travel everywhere in the EU with this exact hand-written ID but hey…this is not good enough for Revolut because guess what…it is hand-written.

I feel violated for having to upload personal information, for no reason as it turned out, to these people.

I requested a revert of the top up and I am never returning to Revolut again…