Verification process is stuck

@AndreasK My account is locked for security checks. Chat does not work. Its been like this för 8 days. 192 hours. It said it would take maximun 96 hours. Ive chatted with you CC 8 days ago sent information and now no questions no information only the same chatbot message everyday.

How can i sort this out?

Same problem as you. Except I hadn’t deleted app. I just went to access app today and it said wrong passcode, then asked for phone number which sent me verification email which I clicked to authenticate it asked for phone number and when I put in this it says something has gone wrong. Can someone help me please as I need to access my Revolut to get money

Hello everyone I hope everyone is safe during the current situation.

I´ve been written on social networks but still don have any help, please I’m trying open a revolut account I’m an asylum seeker my current document expires on September 2020 but since is not a normal ID the app is stuck on verification step and is really important because I need bank account under my name or I won’t pay me till I give a Eurozone bank account, local Banks are closed Revolut I really appreciate if you can help me I can provide all my documents if is necessary.


What helped to me:

I reinstalled my Iphone again, then set up my mail, then downloaded Revolte application, and started the process. That time it worked.



i´ve got similar problem as @viktaZ.
I´ve create the account, start initial payment for physical card with base top up and after 3D secure i´m still looking at the same notification “Please wait until the result has been processed…” .

I´ve already checked my account and there is blocation on correct amount from Revolut pending, so i´ve pressed back buton after half an hour of still spining wheel and restart app.

Is my account alright now?

Thanks for answer

@AndreasK Hello i paid but i am not verified, i was stuck in a white blank page and now i am forced to pay again. Help me please.