Verification process is stuck


I uploaded my id documents a day ago and the verification process is still not complete. How can I cancel it and start again? I have contacted in-app support, but got no reply. Thanks!


same for me… I uploaded verification documents on 7 January 2018, I am not verified yet and in-app support does not reply even if it says they’re ONLINE… come on guys, are you serious? please show up somewhere, either here or in support… but do show up


Try facebook, I just got a reply from them.


I’ve got the same problem - no response from support, despite contacting them every day for the last two weeks. What now?


Try Twitter or Facebook. You can also ask @AndreasK for help.


Hi Athina. I’ve verified your account. Thank you for your patience.


Hi there :slight_smile: Your account is fully verified!


That’s great! Many thanks!


thank you!
Facebook serves some purpose at times…