Verification problems!


Help! I can’t use my revolute card abroad. I have money loaded up on to it but I can’t use it as every time I try to make a payment it keeps getting declined. On the app it still says it’s processing my documents despite up loading them weeks ago! Please help as it’s really embarrassing. I tried talking to the customer support but the bot isn’t very helpful. Thank you


Same problem here…waiting hours for verification and nobody is answering in the support chat
Not even started using revolut and already disappointed. I’ve paid for a card that I can’t use
need an answer now!


Same here. Sent indentification to verify my account so I could use my virtual Revolut card online to make purchases abroad and im still waiting verification. Been waiting for about 6 hours now even it clearly states will take up to 10 minutes. No support available either due to demand. What joke. Still haven’t been able to use my recently created account. Disappointed.


Same here.

I HATE that it took money from my Apple pay but now I can’t move it or get it back because my documents are not verified…

Very worried about all of the issues that I have been reading about here too!


Hey guys, really sorry for the delay. We are doing all we can to get back to users as quickly as possible, but the demand for support is incredibly high. We can always verify you manually if there are any issues with the app verification not going through.