Verification Problem


I recently joined Revolut and have since been trying to operate my account.
My account is stuck on the verification page and has no option other than to verify my identity or talk to support.
I have already tried both the things but nothing is happening.
I have been trying to get in touch with support since yesterday and no one has replied to any of my messages.
It is sad to say that this is undoubtedly the worst customer service i have ever seen.
I get it that you are busy, but that does not mean you keep customers waiting for hours at end without any updates.
Is it possible to resolve this problem any time soon?
If everyone is too busy to help, can you please guide on how I can close my account?


Hi @Hsimar,

I have picked up your chat and solved your query. Let us clarify, that your chat has been escalated to our compliance team because of the photos provided by you in the app.

We’re glad it’s all sorted.


Andreas K.


hi - I am having the same problem! I’ve been stuck on the ‘pending verification’ page for almost 7 hours now… and no one is getting back to me in the chat… I really need to order a card as I’m abroad next week… help!!


You should be able to try again now @beckanie


Hi - I have the same problem! I am stuck on the page of “verification in progress” and the photo of the ID card is not taken into account