Verification problem

Hello guys I recently join Revolut and I’ve ordered a card and made a considerable top up amount.Been trying to verify my identity since yesterday but after taking my selfie the app just closes over and over again.i tried the in app chat and uploaded my documents and selfie but no response.csn anyone help me has this has not been a positive experience for a new user and I’m worried about my money.

Have you typed “live agent” to skip the chatbot? Also, additionally to your identity verification prepare the documents to proof the origins of your fund, considering you called it a considerable amount which might exceed your top-up limit.

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Hello Alessandro

Yes I tried typing live agent but no result .

The amount I top up was 50 and the limit is 200 so is still there anyway I can verify my identity manually ?

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Ivo Silva
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It should have told you after you typed it how long you need to wait.

If it was just 50 you should be fine, I assumed a higher amount.

Yes it did told me that all the live agents are busy at the moment and the chat went just trying to sort this situation before the card arrives so I can use it.

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Maybe @AndreasK can help in this matter.

Thank you Alessandro I messaged @AndreasK and I’m waiting for his reply.thank you for your help!

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