Verification pending for more than 2 days!


Hi All,
I’m struggling with the verification process, I have provided the documents but it still says “we are reviewing your documents… it can take up to 10min” but has been 2 days! Can someone help me?


Hi! This usually means that the photo is low quality or the document isn’t readable. You should contact the in-app support, they’ll probably tell you to send them another picture of the document. Hope it will work out for you :smiley:


Hello @JDW.

Are you able to reach our support team?


Andreas K.


Hi Constantin,

I have sent onto the support chat my passport and photo for a manual verification but nobody is answering me. Could you please assist?

Many thanks,


Hi! From what I know, it should take less than 24h. If nobody responds during that time span, your request will expire and you’ll have to message them again. :smiley:
You could also try DMing @AndreasK here on the community and he’ll help you out!


I picked up your chat now :slight_smile:

Thank you @c0stin


I have the same problem, its been pending for over a week now. I tried contacting support around 3 days ago and no answer. It doesn’t even let me use the app now.


Could you please drop me a direct message?

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