Verification pending and extra charge of 6€


My verification is pending over almost 24 hours (it actually just doesn’t work cause I haven’t downloaded anything yet). Nobody solved my problems although it was put here and in the in-chat that my problem was escalated to specialists who can deal with it.
What is more, they have CHARGED ME 6 EUROS for an extra card. I suppose I did sth wrong while trying to solve the problem, but how is it possible to have an extra card while I don’t have the main one?
I’m very dissapointed. I was recommended this card by my friends but this negative experience really puts me off.
Waiting for 6€ to be returned at least.
How can it be solved?


Downloaded? Do you mean uploaded? If that is the case the verification isnt pending, but hasnt started yet at all.

As for the card, a second card is charged. I can understand that you might have made a mistake but you still simply ordered a paid product so you shouldnt really be disappointed.


You really did something wrong I think. They verified me in 3-5 minutes after upload yesterday.


Sorry, “uploaded”.
I have had this for about a day

It doesn’t allow me to upload my DNI.

They haven’t verified my docs yet, so how is it possible to issue another card if I don’t have the main one? And there was no notification about any charges.

Anyway, I haven’t had the problem solved since yesterday.


So yes, the verification hasnt started yet. You need to upload that first and that is done under “More” and then “Profile”.


Thanks, but this is the problem: it doesn’t allow me to upload. It says “procesando” - in the process.


You were charged 6€ for the virtual card that you activated. The last sentence on the file shows clearly that you need to send additional documents and I think you need to Have an official address in the EU or Switzerland to be able to use Revolut.
If you want a refund on your 6€, just try the in-app chat and let them know that you want to cancel the virtual card that you activated by mistake.


Thanks, Gekko. There’s no way to upload the documents, though. At least what I’ve tried doesn’t work. And I’ve written in the in-app chat but there is still no answer.
I’ve reinstalled the app but the problem persists.


Considering you wrote the issue is already being escalated I’d assume you were already talking to an actual support agent and not the chatbot.

In that case maybe @AndreasK could speed things up.


Ok, I’ll contact him as nothing has changed since yesterday and nobody replied me in the in-app chat.
Thank you!


Hey Olga. Sorry for the long wait. An agent will be with you shortly.