Verification of virtual debit card for Top up



I’ve successfully added money by “Top up” using Virtual debit card.
I can see “Do not forget to verify this card”.

4-digit code is something I can check in the history of the card transactions.

But… how I can “scan”, taking a photo of the virtual card? - such a card does not exist physically after all.



It is best to contact support before your account gets blocked. Virtual cards are not recommended for top ups. But support can help you with it.


Hi @Mikozz,

Thank you for contacting us.

@Frank is right :slight_smile:

We wouldn’t advise you use virtual card as you’ll not be able to confirm them.


Andreas K.


Thank you for the answer.

It seems that the verification is the weakest point of the whole processes.

I’ve tried to verifiy three other, dirrerent physical debit cards (I did top up before to obtain the 4-digit codes). I was able add only one of them (for the two others - full green box of my camera pointed to the cards are waiting inifinitely for something…; I’ve tried different light conditions).

I’ll try to wait for the support chat answer (no answer for a few hours so far)…

Have you considered the simply, manual process of verification?


We can always manually verify if the cards digits are unclear or if there is an issue with the app not reading the card properly. We generally ask users to verify after they have used the card a handful of times to top up and established a healthy fund history. But we are always looking into ways of improving the process and simplifying it.


This process needs immediate improvement.

My account has been blocked due to lack of verification of that virtual card.

Cannot contact support due to support is “offline”, despite the fact that is 9:15 GMT…



Today is a bank holiday in UK. I guess that means limited weekend availability for support.


Thank you @Frank. This explains.

The phone support also does not work - “application error has occured”.

There is no way - wait until tomorrow…


Support should be available from 12:00 UK time on. I assume holiday support hours might be identical with weekend hours.

Check here:


Unfortunately, it seems that support is offline, so we can assume: no support during bank holiday.

Thank you anyway.


They’re online on Twitter :slight_smile:


Chat seems to be online here right now …


You are right.
Finally support was able to help me; virtual card has been deleted and account has been unlocked :slight_smile:

Do not use virtual cards, only physical ones :wink:


Could you explain your situation?

Did you use a Revolut virtual card to top up your own Revolut account?


I used other bank virtual card to top up.
Virtual cards cannot be verified because cannot be “scanned” by smartfon camera.

I did top up for three other cards (physical from two different banks), with success.
Unfortunately I was not able to verify two of them, due to “scan” step could not pass.
Only one has passed.

So I had three not verified cards (including one virtual), one verified, top up from each of them and 4-digit codes.

Today morning I tried, using Revolut card, withdraw money in ATM next to my office.
The transaction was rejected and my Revolut account blocked with the message: “please verify card… and the last 4 digits of my VIRTUAL card from other bank, used for top up”. Strange…

After discussion with the support, all the issues were resolved :smile:

  1. The virtual card used for top up was deleted from the system.
  2. The two other cards were verified by support using photos sent by email and screenshoots of banks statements (from two banks) to prove top up processes.
  3. Account was unlocked

The main reason for lock up the account was suspicious transacion of withdraw PLN (I used Revolut because this is only card I have with no fee in the ATM next to my office :slight_smile: ) after top up in PLN (done due to obtain 4-digit number for verification).

So happy end. Thanky you Revolut!

Anyway - the verification process and (maybe) security… there is room for improvement…
But I completely understand that we have to provide feedback, because without it, and without such the cases - the improvement is not possible… :wink: