Verification of top up limit. Didn't get no news for 48hours

Hello, I haven’t got any notification for reaching the yearly top up of the account and now it has suddensly frozen. It has been more than 48hours that I haven’t heard from your staff in order to fix the issue. You have put me in an emergency situation for delayed payments I had to submit through this account. Please solve it as soon as possible, I have sunmitted all the necessary documents. Is there any chance to contact live agents? How can I submit a complaint?

Same with me but more than 96 hours nobody contacts me!

Same here.
72h counting, waiting for my ID to be verified…
Tried Twitter, Facebook, chat, nothing worked.

That is just ridiculous, is there any other way to contact them live?

(Live agent) chat doesnt work neither

After contacting the staff on FB, the account limkt was immediately increased!