Verification of source of funds for annual top-up limit


Currently my annual top-up limit is set to 15’000 euros.
I would like to increase this limit but the problem is that I am not normally employed (therefore I have no payslips). I am a contractor and wish to receive funds from my clients directly to my Revolut account.

The current FAQ says I need to provide payslips and bank statements of my own account (where I am getting my salary to and topping up the Revolut account from). But my situation is different. Is there a way to do verification in this case?

If you are a sole trader or incorporated a company and receive your income via dividends (Your employer–Payments–>Your company–Dividends–>You.) then I think that will be acceptable as well.

I am not sure about the precise documentation required for sole traders, so you will have to ask @anon33247966.

No, that is not the case. I don’t have a company or receive dividends. I’m an individual contractor (freelancer), receiving payments for my services from other companies directly.

Hi @Indrius,

In this case you will need to provide invoices and a bank statement where we can see those invoices :slight_smile:

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