Verification of identity


Hi, i
I tried to verify today, i hide my hand signature on my drive license(for security), did selfie, and after 1 min i got a notification
"we were unable to seccessfully verify your identity, please retry or use a different form of ID"


Hi! I think it might be because you covered the signature :slight_smile: You could also reach support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or Facebook: The weekend schedule is from 12PM to 6PM UKT.


For polish bank (PLN) i withdrawed in €. Its good? i will get money?


What do you mean? :confused: You topped up the account in EUR?


Yea i have euro in my revolut acc and i withdraw its in euro, but my bank account is in PLN,


It’s ok! It’s just that your bank could apply their own PLN :arrow_right: EUR exchange rate, which is obviously not as good as Revolut’s, so I advise you to top up your account in zloty and exchange it afterwards in EUR :slight_smile:


I will lose only 2 pln on exchange

I thought so euro is needed for sepa (free transfer)