Verification of identity taking more than a month!

Hello, I’ve already downloaded all the documents that were asked of me but it’s been a month already and my account still isn’t activated. I just asked the support to help me with this, but after being told that i would be transfered to the relevant team I’ve been waiting for an hour already without being contacted. I was thinking of retaking the pictures of my passport/visa to maybe fix whatever problem there was but there is no option to retake them and i’ve since then been blocked on this step of the verification process.
What can i do ? I need my account to be operationnal so i can receive a transfer from my sister asap !

You could send new photos of your ID via the support chat. Sharp, well lit, not cropped …

I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, I just sent a picture of all the relevant documents ( Passport, residence permit, and a picture of myself with the documents ), hopefully i’ll get an answer soon !

In case of support yielding no result, DM @AndreasK


I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team, an agent should be with your shortly.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer and the problem has been fixed now, amazing work !

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