Verification not done


Hei there was been now almost 48 hrs and no verification confirmation or feedback. No answer to query from app help support. This is very bad handling while website say 15 min. Will I ever get any answer?


Hi, I hope yes :wink:
But seriously, have you typed live agent in app? If yes-app should’ve shoved you approximately waiting time.
If you’re in a hurry you can ask them via DM on Twitter or Facebook. You can ask help somebody from Revolut Team in here - @AndreasK is always reliable (I don’t know if he works during this weekend)


Hei. Thanks for taking time for responding my query. In app I went to support and there I did not find any live app etc. No response from Facebook also


In the chat you have to type this command: live agent


NO response at all I give up. Just worried about my personal details and money I uploaded


Strange: see my screenshot:


I have just live agent and the time there no other response


Don’t be worried everything will be ok. Just give them a try :wink:


I have similar issue. I’m still waiting for verification, without response on chat. I tried type live agent in but nothing happend :frowning:


God help those who have transferred big quantity of money.


Hahaha, nice text :joy:. I’m one of that person and feel very comfortable

Do you have information with predicted time to contact as on my screenshot- above?


No, I have nothing under my ‘live agent’ post


Can you take a screenshot?


You can type “resolved” to reset the chat window and then try “live agent” again.


Thank you, it works :slight_smile: so I hope now verification will be faster :slight_smile:


Have they answered you or robot reply that we have set somebody on your task n we get back to you via blah…


Hey @Aju :slight_smile:

Try typing Resolved first, and then go with live agent :wink:


Yes I did that so came 0ne Pablo with robot reply that all are busy and someone will contact when they can


Yes, probably robot…