Verification limit - pending transfer

Hello. I’m waiting for verification limit to increase. Have submitted 3 documents on 17Jan. Says 24h. Have dollar transfer pending. Help desk other than initially saying it will escalate has gone quiet (actually not answering anymore). Any number I can call? How long can 24h take? Thanks.


I have the same issue and I’m stuck with no money abroad!
Anyone knows how to contact support. They don’t answer anymore after I uploaded the requested documents

Hi! I have the same problem. I uploaded documents on 18th this month and they do nothing for now.

I have the same issue and 48h later the problem was solve.
Wait patiently, someone of support will help you :slight_smile:

I’m a premium Revolut account holder…have had a pending deposit since the 14th and submitted documents since the 16th. Still no luck - had some messages from Support but they have been unable to help. Can you please help me solve this Revolut? This isn’t really good enough service for a premium holder who should get 24/7 support access.