Verification id issue

I can’t find a way to check my id because :

  • i own a windows phone, and there is no Revolut app for this ;
  • i own a tablet, but the latest version of android is too old for the Revolut app ;
  • si I eventually did used Bluestack on my desktop computer to create my account… but I don’t have a webcam on it (why should I, with a smartphone and a tablet?)
    So, i’m stuck. With 4 different OS on 3 different devices! Any idea? (like a Revolut website, a Winphone app, an old version of the Revolu app, or most likely an email to send a scan?).

Take selfie + picture of your id with your windows phone, send them to your computer, and contact the support, you can upload documents there.

You’re losing the benefit of having the app on your phone though…

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