Verification Help

I downloaded the app, added over £1k via bank transfer and ordered a card with no mention of any sort of verification process. I then recieved an email telling me my card was on the way.

I noticed in the email that it said I would need to verify my account to use the card and also to access my funds.

I go to the verification and limits page like advised but there is no option to upload any documents.

There is also a 2 hour wait for live chat. This is a pretty stressful first experience with the app. Can someone please help?

Please consider contact via Twitter

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Where are you based?
What exactly does it say in the Verification and Limits page?

It just shows the circle showing my limit at says 25k limit underneath with a small amount filled up from my bank transfer. I’m from Northern Ireland.

I can’t see any signs pointing to the account being locked or anything so I’m confused.

Most UK residents don’t need to verify as it it done automatically in the background - your screen seems to bear this out.

Just to make sure let’s ask @AndreasK to confirm for you.

I think he’s about and hopefully will see this and help us out😄

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Ok thanks. I got through on Twitter with someone as well. Need to change my underwear after all this!

Yea the account is already verified apparently. Cheers!

I’ve replied to your Tweet :slight_smile: Your account was verified!


Andreas K.

Bingo :+1:
Glad all’s welll

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