Verification Help


I downloaded the app, added over £1k via bank transfer and ordered a card with no mention of any sort of verification process. I then recieved an email telling me my card was on the way.

I noticed in the email that it said I would need to verify my account to use the card and also to access my funds.

I go to the verification and limits page like advised but there is no option to upload any documents.

There is also a 2 hour wait for live chat. This is a pretty stressful first experience with the app. Can someone please help?


Please consider contact via Twitter


Where are you based?
What exactly does it say in the Verification and Limits page?


It just shows the circle showing my limit at says 25k limit underneath with a small amount filled up from my bank transfer. I’m from Northern Ireland.

I can’t see any signs pointing to the account being locked or anything so I’m confused.


Most UK residents don’t need to verify as it it done automatically in the background - your screen seems to bear this out.

Just to make sure let’s ask @AndreasK to confirm for you.

I think he’s about and hopefully will see this and help us out😄


Ok thanks. I got through on Twitter with someone as well. Need to change my underwear after all this!


Yea the account is already verified apparently. Cheers!


I’ve replied to your Tweet :slight_smile: Your account was verified!


Andreas K.


Bingo :+1:
Glad all’s welll