Verification failure


Hi I didn’t know how to add in onto a conversation already about this or how to direct message lol. I had 2 failed attempts with my drivers license then I took a photo of my passport and since yesterday it just says pending verification. I have written to a live agent and no one has responded. It allowed me to top up the card in order to order it which I am expected to get the end of Jan but I really need access to my account details in order to receive money I have just moved to the UK any help with this would be amazing!


Hey @Ria :slight_smile:

Verification might take some time, especially considering the large amount of people :r: is onboarding. 1 day is not an unreasonable waiting time :wink:

However, if you’re in a hurry, you can always reach :r: through Twitter to see if they can speed things up:


Hi thank you so much for getting back to me so fast! Yeah my friend did it and it was instant so I figured something is wrong that mine took so long. I will hold off a few days I am just running low on money lol. So hopefully it’s soon.

Thanks again!


Hey @Ria :slight_smile:

:r: verifications are usually instant, but there are certain conditions that will make it require further verifications :innocent:

These kind of process shouldn’t have to last for more than 1-2 days, but as :r: is receiving a really high amount of requests, they’re probably experiencing a backlog in verification requests :wink:

If you’re running low on money, it’s time to call the forum superhero @AndreasK :money_with_wings:


Yes ive seen this hero being tagged in messages can I bother you again as to how I private message him on this :sweat_smile: it’s like I have never used technology before with this app!

Again I can’t thank you enough!