Verification failed

I’ve attempted to verify with drivers licence and picture but it says failed, that I have tried too many times and to contact support. I’ve tried but no response??

Hi @owenroberts2,

We have responded back to your query. Are you able to see my messages?


Andreas K.

Hi @anon33247966,

Recently registered, had similar problem.

I guess the quality of my phone camera is not good enough.

Any chance to send you the ID doc & pict by mail ?

Nice week-end

One alternative solution would be:

-Use a (non-phone) camera to take a focused photo of your verification documents.
-Transfer the photos to your smartphone.
-Upload the photos to the support chat.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I thought about this, but as far as I could see, no way to upload the picts in a “chat” !

Through the application, there are no such options

Odd. What mobile OS are you using and which version?

Works fine for me on iOS. Tap the paper clip icon to attach an image in Revolut chat.



Hi @jonochka ,

I can see you have have tried to verify your account however, the photos provided are not clear enough. Could you please upload clear photos?

I’m having the same issues I have a screen that says will verify takes 24 hours it’s already been 48
And I can’t get through on chat.

Hi ! I have the same problem. It’s been verifying my identity for 3 days and the assistance doesn’t respond…

I have picked up your chat. Could you please reply to my in-app messages?

I juste send you everything on the chat

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Your account is now verified :slight_smile:

Hi, I take the pictures for my ID but when I’ve finished the screen locks, when I unlock it takes me back to the same screen and I have to do it again in an endless loop, any ideas?


I think finally it is done (was it online with your helpcenter).

May I ask you to confirm my account is finally ok & nothing additional to
do ?

I ordered a card, expecting it for beginning of December, so soon will be
trying your services.

Many thanks in advance,
sans virus.

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I can see your account fully active and verified :slight_smile: You’re ready!

Many thanks for your confirmation.

Wishing you a nice day,

Hi can you help me with my verification, I take pictures for my ID but it always fails. I’ve done it several times to make sure the image is clear but still nothing.

I’ve sent you a direct message!