Vérification en attente

Bonjour ça fait depuis plus d’un mois que je suis en « vérification en attente ». Je ne peux pas utiliser l’application car mon profil n’a toujours pas été vérifier. Ou puis je m’adresser merci

क्या आपने पहले से समर्थन का संपर्क किया है?

Le support ne répond pas. Et le chatbox ne comprend pas mes questions.

Kudos for responding :wink:

Did you actually get past the chatbot? You need to type “live agent”.

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Attention tu es sur un forum DÉDIÉ aux anglais du coup Mister Alessandro va clairement te le faire remarquer , vu sa réponse dans une langue qui lui est propre…
La communauté est réduite selon lui, je pense qu’il devrait quitter que de faire des réponses contraire à l’entraide.
En fait dans l’appli tu tape live agent ou tu va sur tweeter ils vont s’arranger cela rapidement.
Have a good day !

If you paid only a bit of attention you’d notice that this is not a “personal” idea but based on reality. Certainly you can use another language, it will only show your disregard for the community and its people.

I have to say that, in almost every other thread I have seen (except for one terribly long polish one which was exclusively dedicated to the polish community, and one exclusively dedicated to the Hungarian currency), people have tried to, even if they used their mother tongue in their posts, add an (even reduced) English translation so other people would know what’s going on and to create knowledge and sense of community. Except for these cases. So I think @alessandro’s got a fair point here.

sorry but I think we must take advantage of the experiences or problems of everyone to help others google translations are not 100% reliable but the theme is well presented.

communate egal sharing our experiences

Hi @DanielAdam. Please reach out to our in-app support team. More–>Help–>Chat to us.

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