Verification delay



I have submitted documents with details of share sales to increase my top up limit. But it has now been more than 24 hours. No one is responding to me in the in app chat either and I have a significant sum tied up in this account now

Can someone look at this ASAP?



Hey there @gordoncraib :slight_smile:

Check this:


Hi there. Your case has been escalated to our compliance team, an agent will contact you shortly.

Thank you for you patience.


@AndreasK Can you escalate my case also? I am waiting 3 days now…


I have escalated you too :slight_smile:


@AndreasK Thanks so much! My issue was resolved within 30min and my limit was increased.


Hi @AndreasK

I think I’ve got the same problem that @gordoncraib has. It’s been now more than 48 hours and they are still checking my identity. No one is responding me in the app chat. Could you give me a hand?



I can see your account fully active.


Hi @AndreasK,

I have a similar issue with “Verification pending”. Could you please escalate my case too?



I see… I think they finally have done it! Thanks anyway