Verification date


I have been unsuccessfully trying to verify my account. I understand that the document must be valid for 3+ months, which is true in my case (valid through may 2019). The support staff keeps pointing out to the fact that the ISSUE date is March 2018, and apparently it is a problem? which does not make much sense… I was told to wait 3 months and contact again. Any ideas why?

Verifying your account or funds? What document did you provide?

Hey @tsoy :slight_smile:

May there be (I am trying to extrapolate what I know from my country’s own immigration law to the void) any case in which if certain criteria is not met within a certain period (say 3 months) the document (say permit of residency) is then revoked even if it was originally valid for a longer period of time? :thinking:

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If there is anything else than a regular ID involved there is a good chance that is the exact reason why they require a certain existing minimum validity period.

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Hi @tsoy. Your account is now fully active!:tada:

Thanks everyone! It was less complicated than we suspected - just a continuous, stubbornly repeated mistake on their end. I was lucky to come across a reasonable person in the support team, who finally approved my ID. Good to go! Thanks again for your time!

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