Verification code



It’s been 4 days since I asked for a verification code to validate the Visa card attached to my Revolut account but I still haven’t received anything on my bank account.

I added my Visa to PayPal and received their verification code on my bank account in 2 days. That’s why I think it’s strange!

Is it normal? How long does it usually take?



Hi @Tacite,

Usually it takes up 1 working day for same-day transactions to process and appear. Have you tried to contact your bank, they should be able to see the 4 digits code.


Thanks for your answer, @AndreasK

I check my bank account online every day so I can’t miss anything.
If I ask my bank, they’ll probably just do the same.

I’ll wait till Monday then if nobody happens, I’ll try to delete and re-add my Visa on Revolut.
That may send me another code maybe?


Sometime the online bank statement is really short so there is no enough space for the code.

I think your bank should be able to see the code, if not, we need to investigate it


The fact is that there’s no debit at all, Revolut didn’t take or credit anything to my account.

It’s not that the statement is short, it is that it’s empty.


In order to get the code you need to have a successful top completed.


I feel so stupid now. I thought it was like Paypal which sent me a code by taking 1,50€ on my account and credited them back to my account after.

Sorry for this.