Verification code not working

Hi I’m really hoping someone here can help me because Revolut’s complete lack of a functioning support system is doing nothing for my blood pressure.

My friend transferred me £50, which has left her Revolut and is pending. I clicked the link to receive it and it tells me to put in a verification code, which is texted to me. I put in the code (tried about 10 times with new codes) and all I get is an error message saying ‘please verify your account in profile- verification and amounts’

My account is verified, and has been since I started using the app about 3 months ago. When I go into that section of the app I can’t do anything because it’s verified already. I’m on the latest version of the app. Because of this problem there is just £50 floating around somewhere in cyberspace and I need to get it.

I tried using the help section of the app yesterday and it was 5 hours before someone replied, which was 03.47 in the morning. Clearly, I was asleep and did not respond, so they ended the chat. Helpful.

I have tried direct messaging their team on twitter, who did respond last time I had a problem, but now have ignored me.

Anyone have any suggestions either about this issue or how on earth you are supposed to reach a living human in the Revolut team?


Could it be you reached your top-up limit?

In any case, @AndreasK should be able to help you out.

In that case, when you’re going into the chat you should see message like “can we do something more for you”. So tap yes and… Wait…

@alessandro Nope, I’m £23,500 off my top up limit

@redi Tried that. To speak to a human being you type ‘live agent’. Still takes hours upon hours for someone to even read it

@AndreasK Are you a real human working for Revolut? Can you help?

Yes, @AndreasK is very nice real human (AFAIK) with nice sense of humour :wink:

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Thank god for that! :joy:

He claims that he looks like this:


I dont know :smiley: but I think so :wink:

He will be probably online later today … Andreeeeeeeeeeeeeeas! :wink:

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As I can see you are in touch with our in-app support team. :slight_smile: Your friend needs to verify her account.

Hi @AndreasK - yes, finally managed to get in touch with someone after 12 hours!

I don’t understand how she managed to send the money in the first place if her account is not verified. She says the money has left her Revolut and is pending. I did receive a request to get the money from her, but as I say, the verification codes you are sending me are not working in my app.

Can you explain?


Can’t access my account. Keeps asking for passcode again and again. Please help!