Verification Code not showing in online bank account statement


Hi, hope someone can help. I’m trying to add a new card but the verification code is not showing on my online bank account statement. I do not get printed statements, so how can I verify my card?



I had a similar problem where only the first two digits of the verification code were showing. This was both in the online statement and also in the printed statement. I contacted the bank through their messaging system and asked them for the verification code, which they sent me by secure message.


Thanks. Will try that.


Please keep in mind that to obtain the correct 4 digit code you have to make a successful top up to Revolut using that card. The initial authorisation will not have this code. You also do not need to verify the card to be able to make a top up.


Hi, OK, that’s not clear in the instructions! I have topped up a nominal amount - but its not showing yet - nay idea how long it takes. I rang my bank as suggested by @childrenoffate and they gave me a code for the initial authorisation, not the nominal one, but this didn’t work. I don’t know if I’m doing it right but it does not seem that straight forward.


The top up should show the instant you make the payment. If it doesn’t, something is wrong. Have you asked support?


Sorted now - not sure why it took so long. Thanks @childrenoffate


It’s my pleasure @HughC Good luck.