Verification and limits

So I have decided to give revolut a try once I heard that you guys have recently introduced personal IBAN. I was looking to get my salary directly to the revolut account, however, I have a concern with the account limits. When I went to profile > verification and limits I saw a limit of 5,000 euro a year!?? That’s like nothing! Does that mean if my salary lets’s say is 1k a month after 5 months I will not be able to get paid by my employer because I have used up the limits?

If you verify your account the limit will increase, have a look at the FAQ :slight_smile:

My account is verified. The first thing that I did after creating a revolut account is to verify my identity.

My base currency is SEK, in profile -> Verification & limits it says my limit is 300.000 SEK a year, thats about €31000. Are you sure you managed to verify your identity?

Yes, my account is definitely verified. I had to take a photo of my identification card as well as a picture of my face then after 10 minutes it has been verified.

Well, I guess I’m going to try and contact support maybe they will be able to help me.

Edit: Ahh forget about it… I’ve read so many complaints about lack of support that I’m not willing to go through this. (Just take a look at google play review section)

Edit2: Finally managed to contact support and they said that in order to increase the limits I have to send them some additional documents. Anyway thanks for the replies guys I won’t use revolut as it’s more hassle than it’s worth.