Verification and Limits

I have recently made a transfer to my revolut account via bank transfer. Although the money has entered the account it has been blocked with a message saying “please go to verification & limits in your profile to increase your top up limits”.

My first issue is that i am unable to find the ‘verifications and limits’ section in my profile settings?

I assume the underlying issue is that it is quite a considerable amount of money, through proceeds from a house sale. For this reason i have contacted the app messenger chat and have explained and also attached the deed of sale to satisfy compliance. I have not had any response and its already been a few days which is extremely disappointing and frustrating.

Does anyone have any advice or a phone number i can call?



That is because they have removed it with the most recent version 5.10. It seems they removed the UI element but not the limits themselves :confused:

Most likely.

Providing the applicable documents should be usually enough. Are you sure you were talking to an actual support operator and not just their chatbot?

Revolut does not offer any phone support. You could contact @anon33247966 but even in this case I would not necessarily count on very timely responses, the level of support in the forums recently went down as well.

Did you wrote “live agent” in the Chat? Because if it’s Rita she won’t help you at all