Verification and limits not updating



My partners account has had a transaction pending for the past 48 hours now and it won’t clear and states to upload documents/payslips etc etc.

This has all been done over 24 hours ago yet no one has acknowledged this?

Also She’s tried to log on here but it won’t accept her password? She’s tried to rest her password but then it states her emailed address isn’t registered with you? She’s been using the app for over a month now how can this be?

I’ve had to create a profile just to get help as no one replies to her requests for help in the app either?

Please get back to us as these funds have been pending now and won’t clear and allow us to receive them until her documents are looked at and limit increases.

Thank you



Why is it everyone else is getting a response but not me?

I read below where another guy had the same issue and it wasn’t resolved for 3 days. I can only guess it so Revolut hold I to and profit from our money for longer?


Community forum account and app account are two different things.

In app chat you need to type in “live agent” to get connected with real people, otherwise it just bot…

Check on FB when they are open and type live agent in chat


Hi Pawel,

I tired “live agent” as I’ve spoken to them in the past regarding other issues yet this time it appears to be stuck in the last chat I had with them last time with all the previous text.


It keeps all chat history, its normal. Now when you open chat window and type in something you should have immediate answer from Rita bot. If that doesn’t work for you check if your app is updated, try to delete app data or reinstall it.
Keep in mind their working hours. You can contact them on FB too.




No when I type anything I get no response even from Rita the bot. The app is updated as my apps are updated daily if needed. I don’t want to delete the app as it’s not accepting my password even though I’ve got it written down so I know it’s correct. I’m currently logging into the app via face reconition so I fear if I try deleting the app and reinstalling it I will then be locked out making the situation worse.

I understand they can’t reply instantly and they will have set working hours but this has been going on for 3 days now without a reply?


I contacted them on many occasions and longest time I’ve ever got was half a hour. Recently they respond in few minutes. IMHO your app got broken.
You can contact them by:

  1. facebook
  2. phone - number is on facebook page
  3. phone - 2nd number is on
  4. If above doesn’t help maybe try PM to @AndreasK


Hi there.

Apologies for the long wait. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.


Andreas K.