Verification and limit processing issue



I submitted the relevant documents to have my deposit limit increased last Friday, I was told it would take up to a maximum of 24 hours for the documents to be reviewed. However there has been no update since then.

I was aware of the £25000 limit for the year, and attempted to deposit an amount not to go over this in order to avoid any delays for myself. I calculated this amount wrong slightly, and this has caused me to exceed the limit. I now appear to be stuck in a situation with my deposit is pending, and I really need this money to go through successfully, or I need it transferred back ASAP.

I hope someone can help me with this as I have most of my funds stuck in limbo right now and it seems there is nothing I can do, the online chat is not responding to me, and there is no other contact details for Revolut.

I have paid for the premium account and was hoping that getting assistance and help would be a smooth process.

Any help much appraciated…



You have a few of possibilities:

  • contact them by in-app support, then type live agent… And wait
  • use Twitter (DM)- the fastest way
  • use Facebook (DM)
  • ask @AndreasK for help (in here)- DM


I have also gone just over my limit but as I paid £72 for a premier service I didn’t think there was limit. I have sent E12k which is now pending and has been for anumber of days. I have sent numerous messages over a number of days to the help line and no response. I have now made a formal complaint and asked for the necessary form(still nothing) and said if I don’t here back by close of play tomorrow I will be taking my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman
I work for an FX company who over the years have invested in a first class back office and customer service. Revolut you may think you are the future but if you cannot do the basics I fear for you. I suggest instead of quoting interbank exchange rates you focus like the rest of us in quoting competive rates and first class customer service


I submitted my documents on Thursday to remove my top-up limits - it’s now Monday. No response from support, and no response to my subsequent messages. And despite requesting “live agent” no response as to how long I must wait for a reply as previously happened when requesting a live agent. It’s as though support by chat has been switched off. A bit worrying when I think about the £1000s of my money which they are holding.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter. Please note a member of our compliance team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.


Hi there. I have also submitted my details last Wednesday and haven’t heard anything back yet.

I have tried to contact someone countless times on the online chat and every time had no luck.

Can this issue be investigated ASAP please?

Thanks in advance,



Pleased to report that after sending a message to Revolut via Facebook Messenger and also to AndreasK through this forum, I have now had my limit increased by £10,000.


My issue is now resolved, thank you AndreasK.

I’ll break down how I got a resolution in the hope it can help someone else.

  1. Sent a message direct to AndreasK on this forum.
  2. He responded the next day to inform me that I would be contacted by the in app chat.
  3. I left the chat open on my phone and within the hour a Live agent magically appeared.
  4. The live agent authorised by deposit immediately and increased my deposit limit for the year.

I am very please this has been resolved, but it has been a very stressful few days. Being left feeling like there is no course of action one can take, and seemingly no real way to contact the bank with my concerns, was rather unfortunate to say the least.

I wish a speedy resolution to others with these problems.