Verification and limit increase taking ages


Hi all, I provided the docs required to increase my limits and after 3 days still waiting.
Ask for help on chat with Revolut team but nobody is replying.
Is anyboday there experiencing the same?


yes i’m waiting now for 3 days ! agent responded in the night ! waited 8 minutes and was gone


I’ve been waiting a week! I’ve been a member of revolut since it started and use it as my main card when out and about transferring money from my HSBC Premier account. My bank has run credit checks along with in branch verification documents, I would not be able to have a premier account if I did not fulfil their very specific requirements. I have reached the 24k limit. I have sent relevant statements showing income but revolut are still not satisfied. They try to encourage customers but don’t appear to make the card attractive to people in a higher earning bracket. I refuse to post more sensitive financial information online about myself, my bank is happy and are fully aware of my personal expenditure. Revolut are almost impossible to get hold of. Resolution staff don’t reply. It’s a shame as I was loving the ease of use in many countries but now I have transferred all monies back to my person bank account and am now considering closing my revolut account. Many of my colleagues use revolut after my recommendation. It’s embarassing now that I have to let them know I won’t be using this method anymore.
What a shame. If revolut could look back two years ago they will see what an amazing card it was. Sadly it was too good to be true :disappointed_relieved: