Venezuelan phone number but European account ?


I’m currently based in Venezuela for several months with a local phone number. My bank account is located in France and I have also a french phone number.

When I tried to install the revolut app it appears that Venezuela is not supported and I can’t put my french number because there is no way to recieve sms from foreign chips (no agreements between providers).

How can I work this out ?

Thank you for your help !

We can provide you with the SMS code if you need it! I have written you a private message to help.

larysa, I sent you some private messages many days ago, already, please respond them,

Thank you.

Hi Larysa,
Pm sent !



I am currently in the same situation. I have a bank account in Ireland but I moved to Mexico. I cannot use my Irish number in my Mexican mobile so I cannot receive the confirmation SMS. Would it be possible to get the SMS verification code sent to me via email or PM?




I am in the same situation. I’m dutch, with a dutch bankaccount, but live in Venezuela. I also have a dollar account with my Venezuelan bank in Panama.

In your app I can’t put my Venezuelan cellphone number. I don’t have a dutch number and foreign numbers don’t work here.

If it is only to receive a code, I could use my father’s cellphone in the Netherlands and communicate with him through Skype or WhatsApp.
I would also like to use my father’s address (which is my address when I stay in Holland) to receive the bankcard.

What should I do to open an account with you?



Can anyone share the solution for staying at a non european country and having to receive an SMS? Thanks!

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