Vaults with Direct Debits


I’d like to see Vaults functioning more like accounts. For instance, I could have a vault called “Gym membership” and have the gym withdraw money from the vault each month rather than having to withdraw the money from the vault each month manually. Then when signing up for the gym I could deposit all the money for the whole year at once into the vault.



I like that idea. Simple budgetting control using vaults.

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After having thought about this for a while, it strikes me that Revolut might not want to make Vaults act more like account. Instead, this could be solved if Revolut allowed user to not only automatically put money into the Vault, but also automatically take it out. Monzo recently introduced this feature.



they are already working on a similar feature that will allow you to divide your expensed for certain merchant categories.

But… Sooon…

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I know they are working on it, but that’s a completely different feature

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Any news?
What feature?



That would make spending much better!