Vaults - estimated reach date of goal

Based on, for example, spare change usage and recurring payments, there should be a better display of feedback when your desired “goal” is expected to be reached.

Also, the spare change saving feature actually encourages usage in order to save money, which seems a bit counter-productive to me. Perhaps there could be a reverse feature: Based on historical spending habits, if you manage to minimize expenditure, the savings should pass automatically to your vault. This probably works against Revolut business model though :slight_smile:

For example, if your average restaurant consumption is xxx per month, if next month this is minimized by 20%, the savings should pass to your vault.

Also, split amounts should be better taken into consideration for spending habits.

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Thats most likely very much the case :slight_smile:

Actually, personally, it might seem that an approach which encourages savings rather than expenditure is counter-productive for Revolut’s business model, but I would bet that users/customers would appreciate this much more and would make customers more loyal to the platform.

I was about to post the suggestion of having more analytics involved in the vault feature, but a few people already suggested it :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Estimated time for reaching goal, based off of spending pattern
  • Function to encourage users to spend less by adding what you spent less (on a category) compared to last month to your vault.
    - Show this months and last months spending and how much you currently would save to the vault (= difference between last and this month)
    - Option to choose which categories to include in this

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