Vault to account?


How transfer back in my account the amount from vault (step-by-step)?
It should not appear in the module to be more intuitive with two buttons
-add(in the vault) and transfer(in the account).


If you’re asking how to send vault money back to your account, you’ll need to open the vault and tap on Withdraw or Close & Withdraw. Your funds will be transferred back to the respective account with the same currency.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


What happens when you tap on the vault?


You need to tap on the vault itself. Your screenshot shows the list of all available vaults. You’re just one step away!


Can’t you swipe the buttons to the left? :thinking:


And now scroll to the right!?





Finally, but the two are concealed horizontally to the right…
Should not all be 5 vertical?


Resolved, thanks!:disappointed_relieved:


Resolved, thanks!:cry: