Vault has a problem that makes us lose money!


The vault has a problem (not really a bug, but its an unintentional problem).
If I pay something in EUR and I got no EUR-balance, it takes the money from my USD balance.
Yesterday I paid 10 EUR and it took 11,99 USD from my balance.
Then it took 0,01 USD, converted it to 0,00 EUR and moved that (0,00 EUR) into my vault.

This is UNDESIRABLE as I’m converting into 0 and thus lose money.

Please make the vault NOT convert money if the result is going to be 0.

EDIT: I find it amusing that I’m always the first guy to experience problems with Revolut. If you guys are looking for a beta tester or PHP developer for a web-version of the app, I’m available for the job. Plus I don’t mind moving to the UK. :wink: I know there is no position open for Web Developers, but hey maybe you can make a position for me either way! :slight_smile:


If that’s happening, it’s really an issue. I would also like to be able deactivate the vault rounding for transaction that involve currency conversion altogether


It IS happening.


I know its only 1 cent, but I will get ripped off everytime I buy something that costs X,99…

This needs to be looked at :slight_smile:

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If it happens more times you might get that cent you are missing. I think the digits are just not shown.
PS. I read of someone who mentioned this before so you might not be the first :grin:

Hey @AndreasK, something your might want to forward to someone.

Yes, I pointed this out in a previous post. The rounding down means you get to lose. Also there’s the problem of weekend conversion rates at a surcharge, if the vault is in a different currency.

Small loses sure. But they add up. And multiplied they’re making Revolut a tad unfair extra profit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve turned off my small change funding of my vault because of this, which is a pity. It defeats the whole invisible savings feeling. Better to add whole numbers as and when I can.

Can’t believe this still isn’t possible

Edit: are there any plans to change this??

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Revolut seems to mostly work with Angular, React & Java and I don’t think they’d consider PHP for own developments. It’s not a very modern & popular language.