Vault Custom Photo + Birthday link


Hi there, I’m not sure if this has been posted but it would be nice to have a custom picture as the icon or above the icon for each vault. They all look the same and it would be nice to customise the look with a photo of what you are saving for.

Also when relatives buy me vouchers for a shop that I never go to it would be great to give them a link to buy a ‘voucher’/send money to a pot I am specifically saving for something. On my birthday or a date they set for the payment to come to me.

Eg saving for an iPhone X then I can share a link to the pot that has a photo of what I’m saving for so they can see. Then the money goes towards this specific pot.

This could also be extended to have in your friends list/contacts in Revolut show their birthday pots. If you so choose to share a birthday/gift button so you can give money to your friends. You many be able to see how close they are to one goal and then complete the goal amount or gift a set amount.