Vault creation issue on last update (v4.22.0)

I created a crypto currency vault (bitcoin) before the last update. When Ripple arrived I updated my app and deleted that vault to create a Ripple one instead but I cannot manage to do it.
After entering the name of the vault, the page where I should enter the currency and the amount to put on the vault is blank, there is just a “continue” button on the bottom. If I click on it, there is another blank page with a “Create Vault” button.

Any Ideas?

Thank you.

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Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Are you on iOS or Android?

I’m on Android 8.1.0

Hi, same problem. In new version dont vault created. After downgrade is all ok. Android Oreo.

Thank you for letting us know. We’re working on a fix as we speak!

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This is nice to know! :slight_smile: Just wanted to add I have same problem but I’m using Android 6.0.1