VAT Tax Refund cash back on my Revolut EUR account possible?


Hi all,
I purchased some items on shop and i’m wondering if I can use
my Revolut EUR Account with SEPA transfer to get my tax refund money back…
I have seen I could now activate the EUR Account displaying me my IBAN & BIC Numbers.

could someone confirm me this?
Many thx


from the SEPA perspective it ahould be fine. not sure about the legality of asking for a VAT refund as the IBAN is local


sorry, I didn’t mention it but I’m living in Switzerland, Amazone purchased items have been paid with my revolut Card so I guess I can ask them to refund the money on my Euro Account local
because as it’s stated on the APP, SWIFT payements will be automatically rejected…


Anyone else able to confirm me this? Or this EUR account Local is only for local usage i.e Swiss Transfer…
Thx a lot


it’s a normal SEPA account, local anywhere in the eurozone.


it’s indeed much easier as expected… I just had to send them my refund request with
the invoice and stamp from customs and that’s it!
As I paid in Euro with my Revolut Card, they made the refund on the same way.