Varying Top Up Limits


Hi guys, me and several of my colleagues use revolut. The others all have top up limits of 30,000 whereas mine is 15,000. I dont really understand why that might be, we have all verified identity but not source of funds and i’d like to know why there is such a disparity on annual top up limits.


Mine is €15.000 as well!


I think those who has 30k limit signed up earlier and thats the reason they have higher.


Hello @joshdavies91,

Top up annual limits, vary from account to account.

Unfortunately for security reasons we cannot provide the specific details around how your top-up limits are calculated.

You can increase your annual threshold even further by submitting some additional information. It’s pretty simple: just follow the steps in the ‘Verification & Limits’ page in our App.


Hi Andreas, thanks for.your response. Unfortunately I don’t get pay slips from my employer. Would a letter from head office stating my annual salary and length of employment be sufficient information for you?