Variable symbol



I ask for information if you can enter a variable symbol to identify me payment when transferring money

my gears are not sufficiently identified and I suffer from damages


Variabilní symbol je československý relikt minulosti, používaný jen vnitrostátně v systému CERTIS. U plateb z a do Revolut místo VS použijte referenci. (Text i číslice. )

The variable symbol is the Czechoslovak relict of the past, used only internally in the CERTIS system. For payments from and to Revolut instead of VS, use the reference. (Text and digits.)


yes, thank you for your reply, I will try. Our institution payments are due to the very variable symbol. It’s a stupid system :frowning:


Yes, it’s used only in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In case you need to make payment from the Revolut using those symbols, you can actually just use the Reference field. Really, what’s done is that the fields Variable Symbol, Specific Symbol and Constant Symbol are prefixed with their abbrevation and a forward slash - / and put into the Reference field.

For example: /VS1234567890/SS1234567890/KS1234. You can also omit some as you can in some Czech or Slovak Internet Banking: /VS1234567890/SS/KS1234.

You can read more information about this here (in Slovak language):